Wednesday, October 11, 2006

SPENCER FLIES SOLO - October 8, 2006

Spencer said good-bye as he left for the airport on a birthday trip to see Grammy Alice and Grandpa Bill in Vancouver, Washington.

At the airport, Spencer prepares himself for flight with a few Junior Mints.

Spencer's "Unaccompanied Minor" neck badge and boarding pass.

Spencer's airplane is in the background of this picture. Spencer spent his wait-time watching the luggage get loaded, the gas filled, etc. The word "luggage" was added to his vocabulary

Spencer and "The Boss" (as we described him) or Captain. Spencer's boarding pass was handed in and he was ready to get going.

It was official: Spencer was on his own now, meaning he wasn't with is mom anymore. We thought Mom would be able to walk him on the plane, but not so. The captain took him to the plane. We heard later that Spencer got to visit the cockpit and met the other pilot. He also got to see the captain flip the "missile" switch in the cockpit, which of course was turned off to keep the people safe who were outside. Spencer loved it.