Thursday, January 24, 2008

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Notice to all 4- and 2-year olds, the following are not household cleaning products:

Nevertheless, while I folded laundry downstairs, my sweet helpers got busy with their own cleaning projects, obviously unattended. First, I rescued Ava after she slipped in the toilet water she'd sloshed across the bathroom floor while getting her paper towel wet for who knows what cleaning job.

Then I came upstairs and opened my pantry door only to find that someone (Jake had no choice but to own up to it) had sprayed a pleasingly thick layer of Pam on most of my pantry door which has 15 of those annoyingly-difficult-to-clean window panes. As I got him set up to clean the mess, he proceeded to bathe the kitchen floor in a layer of Windex in the process of cleaning the door. Ahhhh!

Shame on me for doing laundry!

Well, I wandered into the living room where I found a very large and lovely smear of vanilla yogurt across a seat cushion. You see, since yesterday, Jake has been roped in by the Bounty quicker-picker-upper ad line, and since he discovered that we actually had Bounty paper towels, he has entertained himself by washing the couch with wet paper towels. I showed him where the dirty spots were and was actually glad for the help. Little did I know that Ava was watching and wanted in on the fun. I think she just has it in for this couch. No, Love, vanilla yogurt does not a clean couch make. But I tell ya, it's doing a lot for helping Mommy feel a little cuckoo or like someone must be hiding in the closet with a video cam.

And all I had been wanting to do was get things settled around the house and head off to get some stuff at Costco! But wow, there was just no stopping today's freight train once it got going. And nope, haven't made it to Costco yet!


Lauren said...

I have a huge confession to make. I have been lurking on your blog for AGES!
Here is the whole sordid tale.
Jaime Clemmer and Jack McKinley are some of my dearest friends! Jaime is actually the one that turned me on to blogging. If it weren't for her I never would have started blogging in the first place. Once I started one, she spent hours on the phone with me giving me blogging tutorials.
I had no idea about the etiquette of blogging but...right before I began blogging I saw a comment on Jack and Jaime's blog that by someone named Janelle. I thought "Janelle" might have been a Janelle that I knew, so I clicked on the name (because I noticed as I got the mouse close to the name it changed color-I had no idea the in's and outs of lurking, then) and your complete profile came up. Then I saw the name of your blog at the bottom...Being total novice, I decided to click on the name of the blog and up came your fabulous blog. I have been lurking so long that...the first post I read of yours was about Spencer doing yard work for a General Grevious (sp?) toy. Your template was black the first time I lurked. I was instantly SO impressed with your writing and I became an avid lurker. One day I read a masterful, witty post about how you were concerned with the "say no to drugs", esp. marinara :),training being offered at your children's school. It was so well written and I noticed it mentioned to check out, "Paige". It was honestly innocent (at first)...and it happened organically, but I clicked on the name, "Paige" because I noticed it was highlighted.(I knew nothing about linking then) That then took me to her blog and I began lurking on your blog, and Paige's blog. I confessed everything to Jaime and she laughed and told me I was known in the blogging world as "a lurker". I kept wanting to confess, but I was concerned that you would think that I was a total weirdo AND I felt like it might be even more of an intrusion because you and Jack and Jaime are actually, real friends. Then I noticed a woman commenting on Paige's blog named Jessica Romney. I began lurking on her blog, too and I finally confessed to her that I had been lurking because she left her e-mail address on on of her posts. I complimented her on her awesome blog... and, mentioned how I had come to read it, and mentioned how Paige's blog is hilarious, as well. They all welcomed me into their little family and I have loved every minute of it.
Here is the sad part! I have been lurking on your blog forever. and been meaning to contact you. I would chicken out each time I tried because, I just felt like I was poaching on Jaime and Jack's close, personal friends. Here is the total IRONIC part...just last night as I read your latest post, I decided I was just going to confess my lurking and come out of hiding but...I was feeling really, I went to bed resolved that I would contact you in the morning (HONEST!!!!). Well, I am up now (in the middle of the night, I woke up 1:30a.m. feeling SERIOUSLY ill ) and read your comment!!!! How ironic!! I just feel really badly that I had been lurking so long. (At Christmas time I was going to send you a card and confess everything because I got your home address off of the "Blogging Confidential" Blog, but then I didn't get around to it with the Christmas madness!) So...I think you are a fantastic writer and I love your blog and THANK YOU SO MUCH for contacting me!!!!! I have known Jaime for years. My little brother was one of her best friends in High School and I dearly love Jaime and Jack. (I am about a decade older than Jaime). We moved from Virginia 2 years ago for my husband to start a new job and I miss them like crazy.
So...I have read most of your blog and I love your home renovations!!!!! I also love the newborn picture of your baby girl getting a bath. So sweet! That is a great picture! I have 3 boys so I loved your post about the joy of having a girl, too!
Seriously, thank you so much for contacting me!!!! Sorry, I am rambling a bit but I have the stomach flu and feel a little loopy right now.
What is so funny is I get comments from strangers now, and I don't freak out so, that is another reason I decided I would come out of hiding.
So, since I have had your blog in my favorites for so long I am going to comment on your posts now :D It is good to be out of hiding!
Blogging is an interesting phenomenon...My favorite missionary companion just started a blog and one of her best friends knows Jack's sister. It is weird how the blogging world isn't that big!
Thanks again for writing me!

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

Hi Janelle, thanks for lurking! It's so funny that you ran into my husband. I just had to laugh when he told me the story. It's a small world after all. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Lauren said...

Hi Janelle!
I forgot to telly that this is a very clever post! I love your blog. I am still sick...but I can still blog from my death bed :D !

mamasuisse said...

I'm sorry about your train wreck day. They're so hard when they're happening, but they sure make great stories later. A tip for future use: Kids love to play in the dog kennel - and it locks from the outside.

katie said...

funny, don't you just love 'helpers' like that?? i have some. they are SUPER fun. umm, note the sarcasm.