Monday, March 10, 2008

pop goes the weasel

To all of you who get a little giddy excitement and strange satisfaction at popping zits: Hold onto your hats, this should take care of you for at least six months....maybe a year. Happy Monday.


Lauren said...

Good Heavens!!! When that girl came at him with a knife I thought she was joking...and then when it really took a knife to rupture that thing, I was mesmerized and mortified all at once. Thank you so much. Truly.

Several months ago I was concerned because there were several cases of MRSA at one of the schools in our town, so I googled MRSA to see what it looks like...because I am so paranoid...well, it took me right to YouTube and there was a lot of gross footage about people popping MRSA boils. As I was watching one, (type in boil pop, I think) it showed some Elders popping boil on P-day...all the other Elders were so excited and some were screaming, "FETCH!" You know it's Mormon boys when you hear the infamous, "Fetch!"

Oh, I just looked it up...type in "Staph Infection Boil Pop" Enjoy!

madminivanmom said...

that was so gross, I sent it to robert and my sister

Hollyween said...

That was so gross and satisfying for me all at the same time.
I'm a total zit popper. I was just at the derm's office the other day and as I was waiting for him to come in, I was thinking how heavenly it would be to have some spot on my body that would fill up with a ton of puss now and then just so I could pop it. I'm gross, I know.

That is like the biggest zit I've seen in my life.

Alice said...

The zit poppping movie was pretty impressive, but I must admit that my grandchildren hold even greater pleasure for me than a MONSTROUS zit popping. Now that's a devoted grandma! Hey Spencer, way to go! Keep creating tall buildings. And Ava dear, practice makes perfect, but not for a few years, OK, Sweetie?