Thursday, January 29, 2009

hey, Cindy

Cinderella morning, noon, and night ----------------------------------------- Princesses must hold up the dress when walking

Little Cinderella (or Tinkerbelle or any type of Princess actually) has moved out of her crib. It's gone, as in purchased by someone else and living in their house as of tonight. We weren't really prepared for a quick sale and she is currently sleeping (which hasn't happened yet) on my old king-sized mattress that we plopped on her floor. This was a huge mistake as she's been using it more for partying and trampoline fun than rest time. Is she too young to banish to a timeout in the snow? I am dreading the nights to come. She's been watching her 5-yr-old brother's example. He gets to spend a nighttime minute in the snow now and then (just outside, not actually in the snow). Bedtime sucks. I want my sweet crib-prison back.


Sherrie's miracle said...

I gather she likes Cinderalla. I think thats she is really beautiful dressed up like that.

Lauren in GA said...

Such a little lady. Ladies always hold up their not to trip.

I miss the crib, too...and my youngest is 5.

I loved the PopTart post, too. You are so right...he is a thinker. He brings up a great point, though...what is the difference between a PopTart and a slice of cheese cake?

I, myself, like to justify eating cake or cookies for my breakfast...what is the difference between that and a doughnut. I can justify anything.

Paige said...

Bea is 3 1/2. Her crib isn't going anywhere!

Ali said...


Fuhrimans said...

We should get our little princesses together. They would have a great time!