Wednesday, July 06, 2011

it's june and they're all growing up

(Yep, it's July, but I'm catching up)

My boy turned 13 in June. I can't believe it. Isn't he an adorable teenager? I can't believe we're there already. I get him mixed up with his dad when I hear him talk from another room! Love you Z!

He asked for steak, sweet potatoes, and caesar salad--and cheesecake of course.

At the end of the school year Spence was chosen to be part of the 1st Muir 4th grade decathlon team which competed against other 4th graders in the district. There they are in the Leo Lion red.

Jake has to be the most enthusiastic cub scout around. He literally couldn't wait to get started checking things off after he turned 8. I was not fast enough in getting his scout book to suit him. I put up a note for myself, but he wasn't happy until he'd repositioned it right in front of my face. He's right, that's pretty much where I need it.

He began bringing his scout book with him wherever he went and had finished his bobcat and half of his wolf in one day. I'm trying to love scouting. I am. Having a kid like Jake makes it easier to love.

Here he is at his first big scout activity. They had a Grand Prix with homemade cars. See how he ran so hard he broke a sweat? They were serious about winning.

Ava Jane graduated. How did we get here, too? This girl is dying to get herself to kindergarten. She looked forward to her shots at the doctor and took them in stride like she was checking hurdles off her list.

Now she knows there's nothing left to check off except the glorious days of summer. Being 5 is good.

Reciting the pledge of allegiance.

Officially done!