Sunday, October 01, 2006


July 15: The boys set up shop outside and sold $40 worth of lemonade and cookies in two days. They put it toward buying real lightsabers.

July 18: Zach got his Bobcat badge at his cubscout pack meeting. Yay!

July 22: The boys went with their dad to make s'mores up the canyon.

August 4: Each kid got to choose 10 pieces of salt water taffy at a candy store in Seaside, Oregon.

August 4: At the beach in Seaside, OR Uncle Ryan is flying a huge kite and the kids search in the sand for treasures.

August 11: Ava enjoys a summer day at the park in her baseball hat.

August 23: The first day of school. Zach started 3rd grade and Spencer started kindergarten. Yay!

September 3: Jake dresses up as a scary monster with his dad's help.

September 6: Spencer chose to go to lunch at Chuck A Rama which is his favorite place to eat.