Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ava can sit up! She wobbles and falls over sometimes, but she can hang in there without props holding her up.

Ava and her dancing shoes from Aunt Jocie.

Ava had a fantastic time checking out the dry ice in the rootbeer. She was seriously possessed and had baby-style iron grip on the cup you see here.
The flash washed out the cloud of dry ice smoke so you can't really see it. Jake was not to be deterred from getting his rootbeer, though.

An eyeball picture of our very curious Ava.


Jack McKinley said...

So do you guys read your comments? If so, we can chat blog-style...We are at Drop us a line sometime! Jack

Anonymous said...

Kjære Janell, takk for kortet, det var så koselig å høre fra deg igjen. Jeg har skrevet ned din nye adresse. Klem fra Nina