Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ava's Turns One

Ava and Abe share a birthday on February 12. Here are a few pictures to celebrate the day (this picture was taken in the morning, read on for the rest of the story):

For Ava, it was like any other day: adoring fans trying madly to assess her needs and take care of them quickly. She gave smiles and many shouted "Hi!"s in return.

Ava met Barbie for the first time, though we don't much care if Barbie sticks around or not after today. It was fun for the cake. Ava was tentative at first and then had a grand time licking the frosting off her fingers.

I've decided all kid birthdays should ideally be celebrated in the first half of the day, preferably at breakfast. It's just about killed Spencer for a few birthdays running to have to wait until dinner for the party/present-opening/festivities to start. By the time the party hour rolled around, Ava looked like she was about to keel over, poor little kid.

Since she was barely hanging in there, we opened up her present from us--actually, it had never been wrapped because by now we've learned that one-year-olds just don't know the difference and we were lucky to get the cake done as it was. I put the toy together while Ava licked frosting and Matt supervised the boys eating dinner. A little multitasking goes a long way. Then we washed off the frosting and set Ava down to play. The boys liked the play wall as much as she did.
After that we did a speed-opening of the other presents and sent her to bed before she completely fell apart. It was a great day, but I have to say she had more fun with her presents the next day.