Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Belated Christmas/New Year Post

I'm finally trying to catch up on our family news and thought at least try to hit the major holidays. This year we celebrated Christmas in Bountiful at our remodeling-in-progress home. We tried to get to Denver but that didn't work out and it turned out for the best in the end with all the snow and storms that hit. Midway through December we had breakfast with Santa along with cousins in Provo.

I was Ava's first chance to meet Santa and she was cautious and curious, and then it was time to get away from him.

After breakfast, Matt took the boys for a ride on David's motorcycle. They loved it.

Also in December, thanks to Matt and I not getting around to taking down the trampoline tarp thing, the boys discovered the trampoline is pretty fun in the snow, especially with it being so slippery.

On Christmas Eve, we did the Christmas Ball - use streamers to wrap treats and coins around a small ball and then the kids roll it to each other and get the treats that fall out - then roll around in the streamers after.

Before bed, Spencer and Jake put out chocolates for Santa and sugar cubes for the reindeer.

On Christmas morning, the boys woke up ready to tackle the living room dressed in jammies they got from Mont and Mary.

They were so excited and pretty soon the living room was covered in boxes and wrapping paper. Here they are with stuff from their stockings.

Ava felt horrible. Luckily, she didn't know she was missing out on anything.

One of the highlights was a skateboards and a ramp from G&G Bolen (ramp inside the box).

Later in the day Ava still felt crappy but tried to have fun with her new toys anyway.

A few days later we toasted in the new year with sparkling catawba, those popping streamer toys, games, and wrestling.

It was loads of fun, as you can see.