Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Natural Selection

I heard somewhere that Mother Nature makes babies and little kids cute so that their mothers will naturally love them and want to take care of them....thereby perpetuating the species. This phenomenon spans in to photography and record keeping. For some reason my older kids are much less represented in pictures. Maybe it's because I don't have as much time with them. But I'll just say it, the cute factor diminishes as the years progress. Then come the bizarre noises and whooping sounds and scary smells, and we're glad that the bond that was established between parent and child in their cute baby stage saves them in the end. So I sat outside with my cute baby and my four year old (who is on the brink of graduating from this first stage) trying to steal every minute.


Paige said...

I completely agree. I cannot stop taking pictures of my two year old. It is sick. Everyday I put her in an adorable outfit that I've paid full price for, and then take a million pictures while she yells at me. Meanwhile the others pick out their own clothes and don't look as cute, thus not as many pictures. Your baby is so cute she looks like you in the face.

Courtney said...

I loooove this pics. My fav is of your sweet girl with the pumpkins in the background! What an expression--so adorable!

I know, I take pics of Amelia and she's not even mine. Kids are the best subjects in photography, and with digital cameras we can take a million photos of them now.