Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ava Jane, age 2

Snippets from a photoshoot of our sweet Ava on her second birthday. The posing was accomplished on her own. Words can't express how much we love this little girl. From the moment the ultrasound revealed it was she who would be arriving she has held a special place. And though we love our three boys beyond words as well, even they will admit that she is unabashedly adored by all of us. She brightens our lives.

Things of note about Ava and her two years of life thus far:

*Though only 12 days early, she only weighed 5 lbs 6 oz.
*She now tops the charts at 23 lbs as of yesterday.
*She adores Carebears: the movie, the stuffed bears, all of it, and calls them 'bears'.
*She was known as Reese Janelle for the first two months of her life (we still love the name, and that's another story), so she has what they call an amended birth certificate and will always have two sets of names on record
*She didn't learn to walk until she was 22 months old.

*She scooted around on her bum for a full year of her life and has holes in the backsides of her old pants to prove it. She resembled a chimpanzee and was a bit of a delightful freakshow when in public.

*She is obsessed with shoes - one of the girl clubs she has gained entry to recently. Her favorites are the knee-high ladybug rainboots. Mommy is happy.

*She talks constantly and currently loves the words pretty, brothers, and please (she says please with her head cocked to one side and her hands holding her face under her chin). This gets her a lot.

*She still naps for two hours each day. [sigh of relief]

*She loves playdough.
*At 4 mos old we thought she might have hydrocephalus. No. She had a really huge head. She is now back within normal limits like they promised. We are glad.

*She is in love with her older brothers. (they are her servants)

*She doesn't like food. (She won't tell her secret.) Unless it's made with 100% high fructose corn syrup or it's spicy.

*Mommy loves it when Ava whispers baby angel words in her ear.

*Daddy loves it when Ava sits in his lap, holds his face, and talks to him.
*When we tell her to close her eyes because it's time to go to bed, she wrinkles up her nose with the effort of squeezing her eyes shut.
*When she walks away from someone she waves, says "bye!", and blows a kiss - no matter where she is or where she's going....out the door or just to another room.
* She'll play on the floor of the shower until the water gets cold if we let her, talking and singing to herself.
*She is having banana fosters torte for her birthday cake - because she is 2 and we get to decide. She'll have a colorful "2" candle in the middle, so that should be good.
Happy Birthday, sweet girl!


Doushura said...
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mamasuisse said...

She is so cute! Her eyes!!! I want to hear the story about her name.

katie said...

i love the facts you came up with about her!

hey, who won't stay in the shower as long as they can? I love the kiss picture...

and hello... do we get to hear the Reese/Ava story?

Sounds like she knows how to control her men - smart girl.

Lauren said...

That was such a lovely tribute!

I agree with mamasuisse, I want to hear the story about her name!

I loved all of it...I said, "Awwww" out-loud when I read that she says, "please" with her little head cocked to the side and her hands under her chin.

I need a little girl. I think my boys wouldn't mind being in the servitude of a baby sister.

Mark, Holly & Boys said...

Such ADORABLE pictures! She's such a beautiful little girl. Happy Birthday Ava!

madminivanmom said...

So cute. Love the pictures.

Alice said...

Dear Ava and Mom,
So here goes my second attempt to comment on this BEAUTIFUl birthday girl. I don't know what happened to my first comment. Needless to say, it makes my heart burst to see these darling pictures. I just want to reach out with hugs and kisses. How can we celebrate enough to show our thanksgiving for this sweet child! Well done,Janelle.
Mom and Grammy

brittany said...

sooooo sweeeet:)

I want to hear about the whole name thing...

janelle said...

I wish I could say that the name story is full of drama, but alas, it isn't so.

It is what it is: Since forever I've loved the name Reese, but true to form when it actually came time to fill out the BC I was all in a dither and was trying to decide between Ella Jane and Reese Janelle.

Went with Ella for one night in the hospital, didn't feel right. Filled out the BC with Reese and let that sit for two months. I realize that I called her 'baby' or 'sweet girl' more than Reese. About a week before her baby blessing I knew I couldn't be undecided any more. I still loved the name Reese, but having three boys and with her being my only girl and last child, I finally knew I just wanted her to have a really girly name. My patient husband stuck it out with me - we agreed on her first name and then the night before her blessing he declared that since I'd brought all this on I needed to come up with her middle name. So, there you have it. I still call her Reese sometimes (she can say it easier than Ava for some reason) just to confuse the poor baby. I figure she'll have lots of names to choose from if she goes through any of those adolescent name-hating episodes, but she's Ava until then.

Courtney said...

Oh my beautiful little one! Your entire family is just darling! I love your writing, Janelle. It's lulling for me. Which means relaxing, right? :) Loved the later post about your boys!