Monday, October 29, 2007

Sugar And Spice Is Really Quite Nice

Zach and Spencer

I happen to disagree with the adage that boys are equal to "snips, snails and puppy dog tails." My three little boys have been a true joy. I wouldn't trade them....except maybe sometimes, if someone offered.

But really, I've thought a lot about this. When I was pregnant with my fourth baby, I was given many opportunities to think about my life with sons and the real prospect that the ultrasound for this fourth baby would reveal, as Paige has so aptly put it, that "my little girl has a penis!" [Anatomically correct in our house, too, sorry!] But aside from turning a blind eye to all baby girl clothing sections, I was at peace in my mother-of-boys world. Having been asked so many times by well-meaning friends and strangers how I would feel about having another boy, I realized I could say with confidence that it would be great.

BUT IT WAS A GIRL!!! Since that awesome, life altering ultrasound, I just wanted to revel in the girl-ness of it all. I could let myself enjoy it, and wow did it feel great not to stifle it anymore! Twenty months later every day still feels like I won the lottery. Ava and I form a little island together in a sea of boys. This isn't to be confused with girls against boys, just a little place of togetherness, a place of knowing. I hope it lasts through the years! The following are three areas of girl-parenting happiness I have found among many:

1. Girl Club #1 - THE PONYTAIL:

I had one of those liberating "moments" just a few nights ago when I put Ava's hair into a ponytail. Who knew the joy a ponytail could bring? The realization snuck up on me when I was least expecting it. People, it's pure mother-bliss to put your little girl's hair in her first ponytail. You're part of the club, now she's part of the club. Welcome little one....

2. Girl Club #2 - THE CLEARANCE RACK (OR ANY RACK, REALLY): Boys clothes have gotten cuter through the years. (The outfits my mom had to choose from for my brother were woefully lacking.) Nowadays, boys look absolutely adorable. However, the sky's the limit for girls. And it's cheaper. The baby girl gets a ticket into this club before she even knows what's going on. It's simple math:
Girl clothes go on sale more often + There is a bigger selection =

Girls get more clothes......and shoes!

I still feel like I'm dressing my own little dolly every day. I didn't have any Barbies growing up. Didn't want any. The Greenans had some if I ever felt the need. But now I get it. I have my own little Ava Barbie. I'm making up for lost time, and Ava's closet benefits.

3. Girl Club #3 - EAR PIERCING:

I know there are differing opinions about this. For me, it's a girl's right of passage. Ava joined this club when she was 4 months old. Her cousin Sophie did it and all was well, so Ava was a shoe-in. I have to say, I recommend that moms undertake this with the support of a sister/friend who will back you until the deed is done because I give you fair warning: Once your feet are planted in the jewelry store you will begin to have heart palpitations at the idea of causing pain of any kind for your little girl , similar to the mother's pre-circumcision-of-her-son panic attack. Stand strong. Now is the first of many valuable teaching opportunities of the truism I learned at the feet of my own mother: Beauty is painful. Wish it weren't so. Welcome to this club, too, sweet girl.

Added note: The crying was pretty much done before we left the store. Whew!

Now here is the question: Does all of this help the situation of being the only girl in a family of boys? I don't know. In any case, girls are social So welcome to the club!!!


Celia Fae said...

Don't you always feel sorry for those moms with all boys who say they wouldn't have it any other way? They just don't know how depressed they should be. I hope none of them are reading this.

You are such a good writer. I never knew. And I agree, the pony, the clothes, the everything is so wonderful. Don't you wish you could blog only about your little girl? I do.

Courtney said...

I agree with Celia. You are a GREAT writer! Love reading your posts! What great reflections on girl-hood--all so true. And I love little girls in pony tails! Especially yours. What a sweetie!

Paige said...

I agree with you, boys are fantastic. I'd love to have one more, but with no guarantee there I'll quitting.

You did have Barbies just for us when we came over. They were hidden in the dark cave of the cupboards in the rumbus room, next to the pool bathroom. They were always ugly because no one played with them.

I agree about the girl clothes. I have taught Nor that you can only buy 9's and 10's on a scale of 1-10 because there are just so many cute ones.

Isn't it funny how the first time they wear a pony you can't stop looking at them and think they look like a cheerleader? Ava is adorable. But does she really have a penis?

janelle said...

Thanks for reading friends!

I'm sure Ava doesn't have a penis. I've checked.

Alice said...

To everyone out there who may not be as impressed as they should be that my daughter can create this masterpeice on a COMPUTER!! I want you all to know that this definately proves that my goal of exceeding the past generation has been accomplished in spades!!!
Janelle, I love it and you poor tech impaired mother is overjoyed.

I agree that your writing is SO much fun to read---especially since you are writing about my esceptional grandchildren. I love reading your blog and will continue to check it everytime I open my computer (which is actually almost daily and my skills are actually increasing steadily!) It's also fun to hear from and about my dear Greenan daughters as well. Clever, Clever, Clever!!!

Janelle, I hope MC doesn't institute a perpetual pie month when they see how irresistable theier campaign is.
Love You!

Alice said...

I haven't visited the blog page for a while because I forget that it gets posted and my email doesn't tell me about it. How out to lunch can I be? Maybe not out to lunch, but certainly out of date! I will never forget again, however, because you are clever and entertaining and it boosts my poor ego to realize that my very own daughter came up with all this clever stuff. I love the pics of my beautiful kids and grandkids. Thanks for a few moments of pure joy! Way to write, girl!!
Love Ya,