Tuesday, April 15, 2008

we'll be together again

I may be the only one raising my hand to admit it. So, here goes: I still like listening to Erasure.

And so, I'll continue with further embarassing Erasure-related facts as they pertain to my life:
  • There are more Erasure songs on my exercise playlist than from any other band.

  • I like the fact that they are gay (well, Andy the singer is)- don't know why - maybe because it's really just about the music, and seriously, take a look at them. Whoa. Yep, it's just about the music.

  • When I was putting together a new playlist a couple months back and thought of them, highschool flooded back and hit me full force in the head, for better or worse

  • Memories of lots of leotards, lots of tutus, and lots of men at the Civic Auditorium in SF

  • Tears came to my eyes when I first listened to them (since high school) on my playlist during a run {crap, I can't believe I just wrote that} - is this a bit like my dad's listening to Anne Murray when I was younger for the whole drive to and from Tahoe? (Neil Diamond was included - I still kinda like him - I think I have no choice since these drives essentially programmed our wee little childhood brains)

  • I promise I have a taste for current music, but man, there's just something about Erasure - I must enjoy hearing music about debauchery and "shoving bitches up against the wall" - perhaps a reaction to my current state of residence and craving just the teeniest slice of Babylon

  • It makes me run faster - I'm also known to bob my head and giggle out loud while running (sometimes to other music, too) - I haven't twisted my ankle yet or fallen off the sidewalk or in front of any moving vehicles

  • I don't really listen to them other than when exercising - I'm too afraid to take away the magic for when I need it most

Who will take their place on the horrible day when I hear them on the radio and associate them with a nasty five-mile run? Any suggestions? I am in need.

Requirement: Band must evoke high state of euphoria so that I can block out all exercise pain.


Hollyween said...

Oh, you're a woman after my own heart. I LOVE Erasure. I haven't thought about listening to them during exercise though. Maybe that would pump me up. I stil remember in Junior High where they did those stupid dedication songs... and I dedicated "I love to hate you" to this girl I was jealous of. I wonder if she ever figured out it was me.

Hollyween said...

Oh, and what's your fave album? Two Ring Circus? Or Abba Esque?

Shannon said...

oh l'amour... who doesn't love a little Erasure every now and then... my husband thinks I'm a pansy for listening to them but being called a pansy is a guy thing, I really don't mind.

Lauren said...

I love Erasure, too!

I don't know what to suggest...do you like Crowded House?

I like your new template :)

Nortorious said...

We'll be waiting for the starrrrs to come showering doooowwwn. From Moscow to Marsssss and then I forget the rest or make it up.

Courtney said...

Thanks for the flashback. I haven't thought about that band since the 90's. And that picture...! Wow. Never saw them in concert.

I don't listen to Erasure lately, but every now and then I will put in a band equally-80's: The Smiths. The two are quite different, but the fact that we continue to listen brings us together!! :)