Saturday, April 19, 2008

you look pretty for a Wednesday

.....these were the words I heard from a friend at my book club this last week.

Translation: I'm surprised you look okay, because by Wednesday most moms have given in to the hurricane that is her life as a mother to her children, in which her appearance deteriorates steadily and noticeably throughout the week. So, by Wednesday things don't look so good.

So, here's the secret, gals, I hadn't even showered that day. The Deterioration Theory was in full force, I just threw it a little humdinger: It's called the straightener, which I used to curl my hair. It's that simple.

No need to do this: (because by Wednesday things are a little sketchy and you might not see the inside of a shower until Friday when it's time to go out on a date).

Just use a straightener on that unwashed Wednesday head of hair, put on some makeup if you can and a decent outfit, and you'll look like this. {Ahem.}

It's all you need to do to get told you look pretty on a Wednesday, and that's saying something.


Paige said...

Oh this is helpful. Please provide more detail. How do you curl with a straightener? And what do you do about the greasies from not washing?

Lauren said...

I loved this informative post. My hair starts looking like, "Wednesday Hair" around Monday at, oh, say...9:32a.m.

I am so glad you got such a lovely compliment!

Is your straightener one of those ceramic ones? Does it make a difference to use a ceramic one?

Anonymous said...

pretty for a wednesday... too funny.

I echo paige's comment... what about the greasies?

Nortorious said...

Yes, Greenbomb girls missed all the hair doing lessons and we need serious instruction. Do you sleep with your hair in a ponytail? I have that hideous kink and grease ball head.
Please provide a step by step.

Wendy said...

If only I looked like Jessica Biel after curling my hair and putting on some makeup. :) But really, you can curl your hair with a straightener? I never knew. I'll have to try it soon.

janelle said...

Okay, girls, sorry for the delay. I found a girl who does a demonstration of the flat iron curl. Beware, she is amazingly annoying. You'll want to FF to 2:30 to avoid unneeded information.

I usually do more spiral curls and hold the flat iron more parralel to my head, if that makes sense. Also, Ali informed me when I started this that all curls must be angled away from your face - think 70s Farah. You'll look fab.

janelle said...

Oh, and hopefully the greasies on day one of no shower aren't overpowering. Day two calls for a ponytail. And day three is Friday, so a shower is in order.

Ali said...

Love the new look

Hollyween said...

I love how you said she was "amazingly annoying" because she totally was. But that information is informative! I had no idea!!! I wonder if it would work on slept on semi-already curly hair or if it would just make it ratty.